Stressed Consumers Seek Mood Balancing Beverages

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  • A July 2014NPR study found that 49% of Americans surveyed had experienced a stressful event in the past year and that 26% had a “great deal of stress” in the last month of research. With these heightened levels of stress, consumers are looking to function food and beverage products to improve their overall health.
  • Certain foods and beverages have been known to trigger changes in mood – and not just the pick-me-up of a morning cup of Joe or the cocktail that takes the edge off of a hard day at work. Now, companies are now looking into developing new ways of applying the benefits of natural foods to products like tea.
  • As an example of this, a flavors company called Sensient has developed a line of holistic beverages in response to this trend, three of which involve tea. The drinks take notions of color and mood and combine them with the natural benefits of tea and fruit extracts. “Relaxing green,” “calming blue,” “uplifting yellow,” and “energizing red” can each be used as bases for custom products, including premium beverages.

Balanced Healthy POV:

  • Consumers increasingly are feeling stressed, at all ages, and have tended to look for quick fixes to relieve some of this stress. But some of those quick fixes aren’t always the healthiest (i.e. cocktails or excess amounts of caffeine). Everything in moderation, right? Stress will not go away, so consumers are expanding their arsenal of how to deal with it. They now realize they don’t want to always rely on these quick fixes to solve their problems – but rather would like to mix it up with more natural remedies and even use them as a preventative measure rather than a solution to stress that’s already happened.


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